I’m often asked…should my kids take vitamins?  What type of supplements should I be using?  How can you tell which are the best?
Let’s face it.  Kids are picky eaters and of course, fruits and veggies are not on the list. If it is difficult for you to convince your child to eat healthy foods, then you need to find a solution and make sure that your little one gets enough nutrients.
There are so many vitamins to choose from that it can be difficult to make a decision on the right vitamin.   Not only that, but many vitamins and minerals are not suitable for children and can be toxic.
But great news!  Young Living has a couple of great products that are designed especially for children, give the right amount of nutrients, and are safe and all natural!

KidScents MightyVites Chewable Tablets

This supplement is packed with a nutrient-dense whole food source. Young Living formulated KidScents MightyVites Chewable Tablets using superfruits, plants, and veggies that provide the full spectrum of vitamins, minerals antioxidants and phytonutrients for your kid’s developing body.
KidScents MightyVites Chewable Tablets has two natural flavors, orange cream and mixed berry. If your children are age 4-12 years old then they need three chewable tablets daily. This supplement can be taken before breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

KidScents MightyZyme Chewable Tablets

Just like KidScents MightyVites, KidScents MightyZyme is highly recommended for kids. Young Living formulated this supplement using natural ingredients. It is perfect for those picky eaters! MightyZyme Chewable Tablets will help protect your kids bodies from the harmful effects of enzyme depletion.
Children love these chewable tablets. They are very easy to chew and kids say it tastes great. Also, it addresses each of the digestive needs of your children’s body and assists healthy digestion of all foods such as proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.
KidScents MightyVites and KidScents MightyZyme are very affordable and are trusted by many parents!

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